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Back On Track Program

Getting students in the Juvenile Justice System Back On Track

The “Back-on-Track” program provides educational and community service opportunities to students who are displaced or removed from the traditional school-based learning and have been placed in the juvenile justice system. This challenging educational program will strengthen and reinforce positive educational accomplishments. It will provide educational assistance to students who have not been provided educational learning at off-site Juvenile Detention/Youth Program Centers help youth to develop confidence in their academic abilities by creating change within their lives and within their community.

The Back on Track program will serve youth ages 14 – 19, male and females from the Hartford and E Hartford Middle and High Schools.

Our objectives include:

  • Diverting youth from the juvenile justice system
  • Improving positive attitudes and behavior toward school
  • Providing educational assistance to students who have been displaced or removed from class
  • Reforming students to become positive productive citizens in the community
  • Providing additional resources needed to help students achieve their educational goals through counseling and family mitigation
  • Decreasing dropout rates
  • Increasing numbers of students pursuing higher education or vocational training